"Splash: Blue/Orange" 30"x40" Latex house paint on canvas, destroyed.

This painting was in the my first ever splash series my junior year at Moore and was exhibited at my first gallery opening in Old City. (to see the whole painting at the show, My painting was destroyed in 2010 when I left it at a friend’s house as a gift, and when I recovered it I was absolutely crushed. Not only was it knifed into pieces, there were stab wounds all over the canvas, and impossible to repair. I decided it needed to be totally redone into a new painting.

"Resurrection," 20"x24" Latex house paint canvas glued onto stretched canvas. Sides painted red.

I was able to recreate a smaller version of the old painting by cutting and gluing the old painting together in a star shaped pattern, melding colors and patterns into a new sunburst painting.  I felt like I was stitching together my tattered past to create a more beautiful future.

"Resurrection" detail, showing rip marks

"Resurrection" detail, showing jagged edges

"Resurrection" detail, showing rip marks


One response to “Resurrection

  1. gluten free gumball

    It reminds me of a parachute!

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