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Even though I use a template, each card is handmade and on-of-a-kind. They are the perfect way to send a unique message to someone special.

New Holiday cards: The snowflake series

"Dawn Snowfall" and "Pine Snowfall"

Give art for the holidays! I have two more holiday cards designs for sale: “Dawn Snowfall” and “Pine Snowfall,” two different color versions of a similar design.  These were made using acrylic paint and metallic ink.

As with all my holiday cards, each card comes with an embellished envelope and blank interior, are handmade and given lots of attention to detail.  You can mix and match the amounts and designs of the cards you want.

Each: $7.00
Pair: $12.00
Set of five: $30.00
Set of ten:  $55.00

Email me at with any questions and/or order details.

Holiday Card: "Dawn Snowfall"

Holiday Card: "Pine Snowfall"


Enterprising on a Hallmark holiday.

This year I am using my creativity, instead of my empty wallet, to make holiday cards to send to my family and close friends. However, as luck may have it (for you) I am extending the Christmas cheer to the masses as well! I currently have two gorgeous hand-painted designs that are  available:

“Ornamental Tree.” Watercolor and metallic ink. Includes custom-designed envelope.

“Snowflakes.” Acrylic and metallic ink. Includes custom-designed envelope.

Holiday Cards ("Ornamental Tree" and "Snowflakes") Standard 5"x7", includes custom designed envelope

I will be posting more designs as the season continues.   $7.00 each, or 2 for $11.00.  Email me at for order details. These are each CUSTOM ordered and CUSTOM made, therefore, I reserve the right for slight artistic liberties.  Don’t worry, they are all beautiful.

To see these and my other butterfly and splash artwork, I am involved in many art openings this season:

Upcoming appearances:

Nov 21, 2010 Sunday @ 8pm. Tabu Lounge, Philadelphia “Art in the Dark”